A song from Dublin to Thessaloniki

It was a real surprise dear friends from Ireland, to realise that the connection of Dublin and Thessaloniki is older than we have ever thought. Our connection begins at the 1rst World War. How we know it?
Irish Folk Song of World War I. The Greek port of Salonika (Thessaloniki) came to prominence in 1915 when it was used to mount and supply the Gallipoli expeditionary force. The song probably originated in Cork, Ireland, but became known in the British Army (many of whose members were in any case Irish, especially during the First World War). The verse mentioning Sinn Fein was no doubt a later addition. Salonika, in common with other World War I landmarks, would have been well-known in the poorer parts of Cork City at the time, as many of the men were forced for economic reasons to enlist. This is an anti-recruiting song and the terms 'soldiers' and 'slackers' are used for those who enlisted and those who stayed at home. While the soldiers were away their wives received what was known as separation pay. These women were known as 'Separas' and were very much despised by the other women. Most of the verses of this song were collected from Mrs. Ronayne, grandmother of Mick Murphy of Stoker's Lodge. (Notes Jimmy Crowley, 'The Boys of Fair Hill').

1rst Etwinning National Prize for the 3rd High School of Thermi!

After several months of "silence" dear friends and partners, we have two, hopefully pleasant surprises from Thessaloniki. 
First, we would like to inform you that our school, the 3rd High School of Thermi, Thessaloniki was awarded with the 1rst Etwinning National Prize, in the category of school groups. We would like to thank you all again, for the mostly creative and fruitful collaboration. We consider that our prize is for all of us, the groups, the students, the schools, the teachers.


A quiz from Plymouth

Have fun answering the quiz that Maddi Higginson, Olivia Butcher and Caitlin Martin made for our project.

Another Cornwall's presentation

A presentation of Cornwall, made by Molly Sutton, Zoë Middleton.Sarah Wilcox and Megan Stone. Have fun "travelling" there.